Nexus Packaging Double Ecostacker Drum Output

In September last year Nexus unveiled their latest, custom moulded, 20 and 25 litre containers to an expectant market and did not disappoint. The Ecostacker won the prestigious, Horners’ Bottlemaker Award for 2012 and sales have been so strong that Nexus have commissioned additional tooling to double their output and meet the demand.

“Our Ecostacker range represents a significant investment for us and we have been absolutely delighted by the success of these containers,” comments Sales Director, Julian Evans. “The Ecostacker’s anti-glug system, improved stackability and easy to use closures are features that our customers told us they wanted and we worked hard to deliver. We also utilise a new, base footprint which allows an additional 15% of product per pallet thus lowering transport and handling costs. Ecostackers are manufactured on the most sophisticated and efficient blow moulding machinery available and our increased capacity means that we can continue to offer the industry’s leading 20 & 25 litre containers at extremely competitive rates.”

Two weight options are available on both 20 and 25 litre sizes with UN Group II Certification covering a majority of applications. Ecostackers have been developed to utilise the Beriflow tap plus a complete range of closures and fitments.