Flairosol® – The Next Generation Spray

Nexus Packaging have been chosen as the sole distributor for Flairosol® in the UK & Ireland and are manufacturing a range of compatible bottles that can be produced in both virgin HDPE & PCR.

Flairosol® is a leap forward in dispensing technology, created as an environmentally friendly alternative to harmful aerosols. It is unique because it is the first non-pressurised continuous spray that is completely free of nasty propellants. The propellants found in aerosols not only damage our environment and the ozone layer, but they are linked to long term respiratory illnesses in humans.

For Flairosol®, we have designed a bottle range compromised of 200ml, 300ml, 400ml and 500ml pack sizes. These will be produced in the UK to ensure more competitive pricing and shorter lead times. An extensive colour range is available too.

Additional benefits of Flairosol® below:


  • 360° dispensing for flexibility and easy coverage of large areas.
  • Continuous misting spray allowing large areas to be covered quickly and easily.
  • Utilises more than 98% of product, minimising wastage.
  • Low noise performance improves user experience.
  • A stylish product popular with millions of consumers.


  • Propellant-Free & Non-Pressurized: Frees your brand from problematic propellants and high-pressurized cans.
  • No Temperature Change: Unlike aerosols, the product in Flairosol® does not suffer significant temperature drops when dispensed, making it better for products used on human skin, plants and animals.


  • Each Flairosol head is reusable for up to 25 bottles of product.
  • Bottles are refillable, meaning they can be sold separately as a refill pack with refill closures.
  • Our Flairosol® bottle range is fully recyclable and can be manufactured with PCR.

To find out more, please contact our team on 0800 368 8323 or email us.