Nexus Packaging now supplying AFA OpTion mini-sprayers

Nexus Packaging are delighted to announce that they are now supplying the superb AFA OpTion mini-sprayer. The OpTion mini-sprayer is an aesthetically pleasing small trigger that doesn’t compromise when it comes to delivering a superior fine-mist spray pattern, thanks to AFA’s patented pre-compression technology. The Option mini-trigger sprayer has an all-plastic construction, can be fully […]


Nexus Introduce 220 L-Ring Drums in Green

Nexus Packaging are delighted to announce the introduction of 220 litre L-Ring drums in green to their product range. These new drums are supplied in L-Ring Plus design at 8.5 kilos in weight and are UN Certified. Sales Manager, David Kirkwood comments, “Our blue, L-Ring Plus drums have a seamless base for increased impact resistance […]


Nexus Now Supplying Capping Chucks, Cappers and Torque Drivers

Nexus Packaging are now supplying a comprehensive range of capping equipment to make customers’ cap application simpler, more accurate and comfortable. We now manufacture capping chucks to suit all sizes and designs of caps with square or hex drives as required. We also supply electric, hand-held torque drivers that accurately and consistently apply up to […]


Nexus Packaging Offering Free AFA Trigger Sprayer Trails

Nexus Packaging are so confident that both their AFA spray and foaming triggers will out-perform every other trigger sprayer on the market that they are offering free trials to prospective customers. Director, Chris Wagner explains, “The performance and presentation of a cleaning product is very much determined by its delivery through the trigger spray head. […]


Nexus Packaging Introduce Two New 1 Litres with TWD

As part of their on-going programme of product development, Nexus Packaging have introduced two, new, 1 litre, round containers which feature the Tactile Warning of Danger triangle as a feature of the mould design. The HDPE bottles are available in a classic “Round” shape and new, ergonomic “Bullet” format. Nexus can supply these in regular […]


Nexus introduce the UN 5-130

Nexus Packaging have unveiled what they consider to be their most significant container to date, the UN 5-130, the world’s first UN approved, 5 litre, 130 gramme, free standing, plastic container. “This is a fantastic breakthrough for us,” explains Director, Mark Ferguson. “In conjunction with RPC we have produced a 130 gramme, 5 litre container […]


Nexus Packaging Double Ecostacker Drum Output

In September last year Nexus unveiled their latest, custom moulded, 20 and 25 litre containers to an expectant market and did not disappoint. The Ecostacker won the prestigious, Horners’ Bottlemaker Award for 2012 and sales have been so strong that Nexus have commissioned additional tooling to double their output and meet the demand. “Our Ecostacker […]