Two New UN Approved 5 Litre Combination Packs

Nexus Packaging are delighted to announce the addition of new 2 x 5 litre and 4 x 5 litre UN Combination Packs which carry Group 2 approval up to an SG of 1.4.

Sales Manager, David Kirkwood, explains, “Our 2 x 5 litre and 4 x 5 litre boxes have been designed to work with our 5 litre Compact Jerrycans of 130 and 145 grammes in weight. These new combination packs meet a very rigorous UN standard and ensure that most customers’ UK transportation requirements can be met using a familiar design of 5 litre container and cap with a very strong, competitively priced box. Our certificates include the capping of containers with both EPE wadded and vented, tamper evident caps.”

Nexus Packaging UN boxes contain no metal staples and, as a result, can be single stream recycled. They are supplied in white or brown and can be personalised for customers’ individual print requirements.