Nexus Now Supplying Capping Chucks, Cappers and Torque Drivers

Nexus Packaging are now supplying a comprehensive range of capping equipment to make customers’ cap application simpler, more accurate and comfortable. We now manufacture capping chucks to suit all sizes and designs of caps with square or hex drives as required. We also supply electric, hand-held torque drivers that accurately and consistently apply up to 3.5Nm of torque to the capping chuck, making it an ideal tool for the large volume capping of containers up to 5 litres in size. In addition we supply tools to aid the hand application of larger diameter caps for containers up to 30 litres.

Director, Chris Wagner adds, “We appreciate that to enhance the performance of our packaging we must be able to offer customers capping equipment that gives consistent results within the production environment and make their jobs easier. At Nexus our staff have a wealth of engineering experience and we utilise this to provide a service that goes far beyond simply supplying containers and caps.”