The Innovative new 38mm Closure

Nexus Packaging are now supplying the new 38mm Bericap slit flex band closure, which offers unrivalled application and removal performance.

Sales manager, David Wagner, comments

“Unlike most other tamper closures, the tamper evident band on the new slit flex band (SFB) cap is manufactured complete with the cap body. The tear band is then separated with a precision cutting tool, minimising the joints between the cap body and tamper ring. This process makes the SFB cap easier to unscrew, while providing more consistent tamper evidence compared to conventionally moulded tamper evident caps.”

David adds

“This new product is extremely competitively priced and is UN certified with our 5 litre combination packs. We also supply a range of capping equipment to suit our extensive range of closures.”

Nexus offer 38mm SFB Closures in a variety of colours, with child resistant, induction heat sealed, EPE wadded and vented options available.