Awarded BSI ISO 9001:2015

We implemented a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

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BSI ISO 9001:2015

Packaging Awards

Together with RPC, Nexus Packaging won the "Horner Bottlemakers Award" for our innovative Ecostacker container.

Nexus Packaging’s Sales Director, Julian Evans explains: “I have been involved with the manufacture and supply of 20 and 25 litre packs for more than 20 years and during this period, product design has changed very little.

Our objective at Nexus was to develop a container that is more efficient to transport, has improved stacking stability, is easier to use and safer to pour. I am pleased to report that with our Ecostacker container we have achieved this.

The Ecostacker can be filled by the same equipment used for existing stackable containers and it utilises the chemical industry’s standard 60mm tamper evident closure, however this is where the similarities end. The closure is of the latest design and is far easier to apply and remove due to the lower closing torque values required and has the added benefit of reducing wear and tear on capping equipment.

The Ecostacker utilises a new, base footprint which allows up to an additional 15% of product per pallet thus lowering transport and handling costs. To improve safety, a bold interlocking design has been incorporated to ensure the excellent stability of filled product when stacked 2 or 3 layers high.

Raw material costs have risen dramatically over the last five years and with the support of RPC, Nexus have been able to utilise the latest blow-moulding technology which offers the ultimate in plastic wall thickness control enabling blown weights to be reduced without diminishing stack performance. Two weight options are available on both 20 and 25 litre sizes with UN Group II Certification covering a majority of applications.

One of the Ecostacker’s main features is the Safepour anti-glug system that allows the end user to empty the chemical contents smoothly, safely and accurately. The flow of air back into the main chamber of the pack allows the liquid to exit without any splashing, minimising the user’s exposure to any potentially harmful chemicals and leaving little or no residue aiding the disposing and recycling processes.

Our winning of the Horners’ Bottlemaker Award for 2012 confirms that the Ecostacker has now raised the bar considerably and I believe it will be the industry’s leading 20 and 25 litre containers for many years.”

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