Round Containers

A comprehensive round container range, sizes include 250ml, 500ml, 750ml & 1L.


Round Container Range

At Nexus Packaging, we have a comprehensive portfolio of round containers to suit a variety of applications and industries. Our pack sizes include 250ml, 500ml, 750ml & 1L.

Our round containers are manufactured in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with a range of neck finishes. Compatible closures include Tamper Evident, Non-Tamper Evident & Child Resistant. All of our round containers are BRC approved and we have a pack that is UN Certified for Packing Group II & III chemicals at an SG of 1.4.

We offer perfect-fit corrugated boxes for our round container range, sized & printed to the requirements of each individual customer.

Our Range of Round Containers:

Size Material Weight Closures UN Approval Specsheet
250ml Round HDPE 14 & 24g 32mm - Download
500ml Round HDPE 25 & 35g 32mm - Download
500ml GP Round HDPE 33 & 40g 28mm - Download
750ml Angle Neck HDPE 45g 32mm CRC with Nozzle - Download
1L Angle Neck HDPE 50g 32mm CRC with Nozzle - Download
1 Litre NEC HDPE 50g 28mm - Download
1L NPR Round HDPE 45g 28mm - Download
1L UN NRX Round HDPE 80g 38mm CRC Yes Download
1L Round HDPE 45g 32mm - Download

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