Nexus Packaging Offering Free AFA Trigger Sprayer Trails

Nexus Packaging are so confident that both their AFA spray and foaming triggers will out-perform every other trigger sprayer on the market that they are offering free trials to prospective customers.

Director, Chris Wagner explains, “The performance and presentation of a cleaning product is very much determined by its delivery through the trigger spray head. AFA trigger sprayers incorporate pre-compression valve technology that builds pressure inside the trigger and only releases product when that pressure is above 3 Bar. This means liquids are delivered in uniquely consistent spray and foaming patterns with minimum “fall off” during use, thus optimising that product’s performance in a way that no other spray head can.”

“Every one of our customers that has tested the AFA trigger has given it rave reviews. They perform superbly, do not dribble or leak in transit and dispense up to 4 times longer than most alternative triggers. Nexus carry a comprehensive range of colours, foaming and spray patterns to meet all requirements and can supply these UK wide within 48 hours. We are convinced that once you have tried AFA you will not go back to a conventional trigger sprayer.”